Conner C

Web Dev by day
Nerd by night
Paintball on the weekends



Innovative Full Stack Developer with a focus on agile, iterative development. Known for creating secure, modular, cost-effective solutions with proven durability and scalability. Experienced in all areas of the stack and development lifecycle. Has a knack for working with poorly documented APIs and modernizing antique code.

Blue Yonder

January 2018 – Present | Scottsdale, AZ

Formerly JDA Software
Lead developer for enterprise company website (Sitecore CMS) as well as primary developer both design and function of marketing purposed web presences within Marketo, Triblio, and internal tools.


5x Marketing Department ACE Award Winner

Site Redesign, Company Digital Rebrand, ABM Enhancements
Winner for excellence and innovation within internal and external marketing efforts. ACE (Awesome Collaboration Effort) award given for work on customizations for a major customer campaign, innovations for upcoming Account Based Marketing efforts, Company Digital Re-Branding development, and for in-depth re-design on enterprise site navigation.

Internal Content Auditing

REST API Consumption & Node based page scraping
Developed and executed automated content audits spanning multiple web page and email platforms to quickly and effectively find and prepare for marketing content changes and measure effectiveness.

Landing Page System Enhancements

Custom Angel Template Engine, Custom Zenith Gating Systems, EventEmitter driven page actions, ES6+ package development

Extended Marketo Landing Page functionality through modular layout design and custom JavaScript package development for increased non-developer capabilities. Pioneered developments for extended demand-generation form functionality, including Zenith Gating capabilities which allowed for GDPR compliant "blind form" tracking of collateral/link access.

Enhance Non-Developer Creativity

Vue + BootstrapVue + Internally developed components
Developed internal HTML element building tool to enhance non-developer abilities to create complex elements via drag&drop building of prefabricated elements to create carousels, multi-item displays. Ensured that designed elements retained mobile-responsiveness and proper branding designs.

SCSS/ES6 & Webpack+Babel
Redesigned public facing enterprise site navigation for improved mobile experience and aligned with new, modern branding efforts.

Developed Custom Display Ad Builder

Anime.js and Webpack
Designed and developed animated ad snippets for distribution across Display Ad Networks.

Internal Documentation Maintainer

Markdown & VuePress/Gridsome
Managed department operation and internal tool development documentation and supplemented training materials with interactive Vue Components for streamlined teaching and data correction.

Developed Email Design Framework

MJML + Custom Template Engine
Developed modular Email HTML Framework with mobile-responsive features and Marketo 2.0 Email Editor integration. Required development of a new and unique "Angel" Templating Engine.

Performed Bootstrap Upgrade

Migrated existing Sitecore codebase from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4 + SASS & Webpack.

Full Resume available at request